About Us

Convoke [kenĀ·vok'] -voked, voking
v. 1. Call together; summon to assemble.
n. 2. your partner in Internet solutions.

Founded at the dawn of the web revolution in 1994, our unique expertise in the Internet industry stems from working for over a decade with companies from the smallest startup to multinational telecom corporations. With a personal understanding of the unique needs of each individual business from small to large, Convoke is exceptionally capable of providing the right Internet solutions for your business.

  • Small Business Success

    Building a small business presents both great opportunities and a unique set of challenges. You need access to tools that help you work efficiently, appear professional, but you don't have the staff or time to stay on top of technology trends.

    Convoke specializes in providing powerful, tailored solutions that you won't find anywhere else.

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Convoke's bundled service offerings provide you with a single point of contact for your communications needs.

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